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CELTA experience at IH Newcastle

"I chose to do the CELTA course because it is an internationally recognised ELT certificate and many employers request this qualification. I had no teaching experience before doing the course and I wanted to be trained in a professional, reputable and supportive environment, which I knew International House Newcastle would provide. I received invaluable training during the course, and I ultimately learned how to deliver a meaningful communicative language lesson with a student-centered approach. The course gave me practical experience and confidence going into my first teaching job. I have maintained the communicative language approach in all my classes, both mono- and multi-lingual, because I believe it is the best way to learn another language. I continue to use my CELTA training to help me plan effective lessons and implement effective classroom management strategies. "

Amber Turley

" I decided to do the Celta course with IH Newcastle because I wanted a teaching qualification that would give me the freedom to teach English in different countries. Language schools around the world are looking for teachers who are Celta qualified. I felt that having the qualification would greatly improve my job prospects.

The course was extremely interesting and useful. I liked the way that input sessions were presented to us as if we ourselves were learners in an English classroom. This gave us insight as to how the Communicative Approach actually works.

After completing the Celta course, I was lucky enough to get a teaching position with IH Durham summer school. Then I went on to obtain the TKTYL (Teaching younger learners and teens) qualification with IH Newcastle.

I believe it is important to embrace the Communicative Language Approach because it’s an effective method that allows learners the opportunity to use new language, within a context that is meaningful to them. The context is based on a real-life situation where associated language can be found. This use of context aids the learners’ acquisition of the new language and deepens their understanding

of it."

Louisa Baldwin

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes

My CELTA experience at IH Newcastle was truly transformative. The instructors were as sharp as a tiger's claws, guiding us through the intricacies of teaching with expertise. The program's intensity felt like a wild adventure, but it molded us into confident educators. IH Newcastle's commitment to quality education truly roared like a tiger face vector, leaving me with lifelong teaching skills and fond memories. 🐯📚👩‍🏫

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