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Business English for Professional Purposes

Our Business English classes are combined with a Personal Professional Study Programme. Vital to handling any type of business context successfully! (Minimum age 16 years.)

Office Employees

Business English at International House

What is this course?

Our Business English course is designed to help you develop a wide range of business-related language and skills in a dynamic learning environment. Learning business English at International House Newcastle is a highly effective way to improve your speaking, reading, writing, grammar and listening, with a specific focus on professional skills such as negotiating, marketing, international trade, customer service, crisis management, finance and much more.

Is this course for me?

This course is for adult students of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in developing or refining their understanding of business English. Whether you’re looking to improve your business English ahead of enrolling at university, or are already an experienced business professional hoping to improve your language skills for work, this is the course for you!

You need a B2 level of English to take this course.

What is the course structure?

The Business English course at International House Newcastle can be of 15 or 25 lessons per week. This is broken down as follows:

- 10 lessons per week of class-based business English lessons. (key component)

-  5 lessons per week of Business PSP (Personal Professional Study Programme), focusing on refining your CV, practicing for meetings, interviews, developing communicative skills and much more. (key component)

In Business PSP, you can also benefit from using  materials to practice your language skills in areas such as career management, decision making, goal setting, project and crisis management, and presentation skills.

Each lesson is 55 minutes long, so there are scheduled break periods that take this into account.

At IH Newcastle, you can combine your Business English lessons with:

• 10 lessons of General English for Life (GE10). (optional component)

Our Business English class size is 12 students maximum (8 students on average).

What are the key advantages and outcomes of this course?

- A comprehensive course covering business-related grammar, vocabulary and skills at a B2 level and above.

- The chance to study on one of the most dynamic business English courses in the UK and live in a vibrant city in the north of England.

- The opportunity to study business English alongside highly qualified teachers who have a wealth of experience in a business environment.

- Being able to take part in highly interesting and engaging classes with a focus on developing students’ speaking and communication skills through business-focused conversation, role plays, presentations and more.

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