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Homestay Host Application Form

Host Details

Thank you for your interest in hosting international students.  International House Newcastle is an English language school in Gallowgate and has been offering English language courses and teacher training since 1978.


International House Newcastle is an EL Gazette Centre of Excellence, a full member of EAQUALS and accredited by the British Council (Accreditation UK).


Our students benefit greatly from the homestay experience, and we are committed to ensuring that the arrangements are made with both student’s and homestay provider’s safety and satisfaction as priorities, with particular regard to matters involving the Safeguarding of Younger Learners. We ask that our homestay providers agree to work according to the principles set out in these important documents: 


*Handbook for Homestay Hosts

*Younger Learner Handbook

*U-18 YL Policy and Code of Conduct


Application Process


STEP 1-The Application Form

Please complete the application form.

STEP 2 The Homestay Visit

An appointment will be made by our Accommodation Team to meet you and visit your home.

STEP 3 - References

We will follow up the referees you give us for character references - please let your referees know that we will be in touch, as we can't proceed any further until we've had their feedback.


Additional photographs of your home will be taken for our records, and arrangements made for DBS checks, if these are required. Information about all aspects of homestay provision will be given during the visit and can be found in the IH Homestay Handbooks, which you will be sent as part of the application pack. If all criteria are met, you will be added to our systems so that any homestay requests fitting your family profile can be offered to you.


STEP 4 - The Booking

Before placing a student, you will be contacted to check your availability and to ensure that everyone’s requests are met before anything is confirmed.

Part Time or FullTime?

Please give the names and emails of 2 referees

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