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Boost your income by welcoming international students into your home

Do you have a spare bedroom available?
Do you live within 30 minutes Metro or bus ride from central Newcastle?
If so, why not host an international student!
If you have a spare room and would like to invite an international student to stay, please read on......


What are the responsibilities of a homestay host?


Providing a warm welcome


As a host, you'll provide a home to a student while they're visiting Newcastle. When they arrive, you'll share information about the local area and help them plan travel to their school.

Depending on the age of the student and how many activities they have included in their programme, you may be asked to share evening meals with the student and spend time with them at the weekend.

Some adult students will be very independent, but they will still value having a friendly host as part of their experience in the UK.


Matching hosts and students

We will give you a questionnaire or interview to help us match you with students that suit your lifestyle and home.

We will ask about your household, your working hours, if you have pets, if you smoke etc.
We'll find suitable students who are likely to fit in well with your preferences and routine.


Sharing meals with your guest

We offer different homestay packages to our students.
Some students will want a bed and breakfast package, others will want some evening meals (eg. three a week), and some will want full-board. In
some cases, students will just want access to the kitchen to prepare their own food.


Hosting under 18s

If you'll be hosting students under 18 years old, we will assess your suitability and a DBS check will be required.


Support from your school, 24/7

International House Newcastle's accommodation staff will give you all the information and advice you need to successfully host students and provide you with 24/7 support and a number you can call in an emergency.


You'll help your guests understand how to use any public transport they need to reach the school or other activities.

Accommodation requirements

Accommodation staff will visit your home to make sure it's a suitable place for students to stay.

Basic requirements:

  • a single or twin bedroom with space to study

  • a warm and comfortable shared living space that the student can use

  • access to a kitchen and washing machine

  • Bed linen and towel

How much can you earn from hosting students?

Your weekly income as a host is £170 per student per week.

If you have the space, you can host up to four students at a time, in single or twin bedrooms. 


Full board/half board

The standard package requires you to provide breakfast food for the student and to cook and eat with them on most evenings of their stay.

Hosting more than one student

You may be able to host up to four students at a time, with the possibility of two students sharing a twin bedroom.


Hosting throughout the year

You'll be able to earn more if you are flexible about how long students can stay with you, as this will increase the number of weeks in the year that you can host.

Tax-free allowance

The Rent a Room Scheme lets you earn up to a threshold of £7,500 per year tax-free from letting out furnished accommodation in your home. The tax exemption is automatic so you do not need to do anything.

Download an overview of the application process - click here

Download our Fire Safety Guide - click here

Become a Host Family - application form

It’s your chance to meet students from all over the world, and have the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions, plus the opportunity to share this country’s!

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