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English for Aviation Workers

Courses available:

  • English for Individual Clients

  • English for Groups

  • English for Raters



The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requires that aviation industry personnel attain a standard of English at ICAO level 4 or above. These ELPAC Aviation English accredited classes will consolidate general English skills with a particular focus on improving English language listening and speaking ability in aviation industry contexts. (Minimum age 16 years.)

Simon Newby

Simon is the lead aviation instructor at International House Newcastle.. He is a certified ELPAC examiner and has extensive experience teaching Business English and English for Aviation, which includes exam preparation.


Aviation English for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Aeronautical Station Operators


The course is split between plain English and ICAO phraseology. The plain English is delivered in our General English classes: International House Newcastle uses a communicative methodology so students learn to use English effectively, especially in the vital skills of speaking and listening. In addition to the General English classes, students have at least 1 lesson each day with an Aviation English teacher: the focus of this course is on speaking and listening skills, especially in use of ‘plain English’ in an aviation context, and ICAO phraseology. The content of the course reflects the requirements of the ICAO LPRs.

Course Types and Content

1. Group Courses

15 hours per week of aviation English, including 5 hours per week of PSP in aviation, plus 10 hours per week in Communicative English for Life.

For groups of 5 or more £460 per week per person


2. Individual Courses

20 hours per week of Communicative English for Life, 5 hours per week of PSP in aviation and 5 hours per week of One-to-One tuition in Aviation English. £560 per week.

Once the course has been completed, International House can recommend the appropriate examination to gain the ICAO certificate at level 4 or 5.

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