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DELTA Teacher Training Courses

The DELTA is designed for teachers who want to progress their careers and apply for senior positions in the English language teaching profession. (Minimum age 20.) DELTA is the most highly prized qualification for experienced English language teachers. International House Newcastle is a recognized DELTA course provider.

Course overview

DELTA dates and fees

Dates 2024


Full DELTA (Modules 1, 2 and 3)                                          15th July - 6th September

Module 3                                                                                       15th July – 19th July

Module 2                                                                                       22nd July - 6th September

Module 1                                                                                       2nd September – 6th September

Module 1 Examination                                                            4th December

Fees for Individual modules (face to face and online):

Module One £495 (excluding examination fee* - examination 6th December)
Module Two £2500 (excluding examination fee) 
Module Three £495 (excluding examination fee)

Combined modules:
Modules One and Two - £2700

Modules Two and Three - £2700

Modules One and Three - £900

Modules One, Two and Three - £3000

Assessment only:
Module One - £200
Module Two - £250 (referred candidates from previous IH Newcastle courses only)
Module Three - £200 (feedback on a draft - £100 - referred IH Newcastle candidates only)


*Please note that should you wish to enter for any of the external assessment modules at a different centre, you will need to make your own arrangements and may be charged an additional administrative fee. We advise checking all the options and costs at the start of the course.



















What is this course?

Cambridge DELTA is the highest level of practical qualification available within ELT. It allows experienced teachers to become more knowledgeable and principled by challenging beliefs about teaching theories and practice. It is a Level 7 qualification, equivalent to Master’s study, so requires understanding of complex academic theories and approaches. However, it is first and foremost a practical course, focusing on the application of knowledge to classroom life.

Is this course for me?

DELTA is for practising ELT teachers who have an initial ELT qualification (ideally CELTA), plus two years’ post-qualification experience (preferred).

You also need:

· experience of teaching in a range of contexts and class types, plus general English.

· familiarity and confidence with the communicative method, including lesson stages for teaching both language systems and skills.

· to be prepared and able to work hard, intensively and quickly.

· willingness to reflect on and change the way you teach, to be open to new approaches and ready to grow.  

· readiness to work as part of of a supportive community, with your tutors as well as your course-mates.

· a proficient (C2) level of English.

· to be at least 20 years of age.

What is the course structure?

To get the full DELTA English Language Teaching qualification you must complete three separate modules. We offer a flexible course structure with three self-contained courses to prepare you for each one. You can take one, any two or all three of these modules at once. 

Module One: exam

- A three-hour exam, split into two 90-minute papers, testing understanding of language, methodology and resources for teaching.

- Taught through an intensive one-week exam preparation course, which includes strategy input, practice of each task, a full mock, and feedback.

- The course does not prepare you for the content of the exam (see + below).

Module Two: input and teaching practice

- Assessed teaching practice, observation and reflection, with four assessed one-hour lessons (with background essay, lesson plan and reflection) and one ‘professional development assignment’.

- Taught through six weeks of intensive input+, assessed and non-assessed observed teaching practice, observation and feedback.

   +The input also covers the content knowledge required for the Module One exam.

Module Three: Assignment

- course design for ELT Specialism

- An independent research module in which you write a 4,500 word assignment, designing a course for a specialist area of ELT. 

- Taught through a one-week intensive preparation course which gives insight into the requirements of the course and how to go about it, plus two individual tutorials, on-going tutor support and detailed comments on drafts.

What are the key advantages and outcomes of this course?

The DELTA course at IH Newcastle is practical, so that our qualified teachers have both an internationally recognised certificate which opens doors, and the concrete improvements in their teaching to justify that qualification.

A DELTA from International House Newcastle is especially highly regarded, so doing the course with us will:

- give you a top-level qualification in just eight weeks.

- provide options for flexibility with assessment for Modules One and Three if necessary.

- give you access to a well-equipped school and a very experienced DELTA teacher training department.

- enable you to learn from experienced, highly committed and very attentive tutors, who are practising teachers themselves and always on hand to support you.

- give you the benefit of doing DELTA alongside others – you will inspire, motivate and learn from your course-mates in this face-to-face environment.

- increase your prospects of promotion into senior teacher, management and teacher training roles.

- increase opportunities for teaching in a wider range of institutions, including  universities, e.g. on pre-sessional course (where DELTA is often preferred to a Master’s because of the practical element).

- develop your ability to plan, implement and evaluate your teaching, making you a more independent and principled teacher.

- allow you the chance to study and live in a vibrant UK city and experience the friendly people and varied culture in the north of England.

 Visa applications

If you have been officially accepted onto the course and need to apply for a visa in order to attend, please ensure that you apply for it in good time, and that the school is sent a copy of the visa at least one month before the course start date. (The Short-term Study Visa is the correct choice for most applicants - if you are unsure, please ask.)

Information on visas can be found on the UK Home Office website.


Once your fees are paid and you have a confirmed course place, this can be cancelled only up to four weeks before the course start date, and an administration charge of £100 will be deducted from the fees to be refunded. (Course fees cannot be refunded for cancellations made after this point.)

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