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IH Social Programme!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


What is the Social Programme?

Aside from our fantastic facilities, helpful staff and exceptional teachers, we also offer a wide range of activities and excursions to our students. The social programme covers a range of evening activities such as bowling, go-karting and cinema trips. We also organise and arrange full day excursions to nearby attractions in many of the neighbouring cities on the weekends.

We believe it is really important for our students to feel involved in local life, and to have the chance to practise their English speaking skills outside of the classroom. We know for many students, making friends is a big part of their overall experience here in Newcastle. So, our social programme offers them the opportunity to make friends with fellow classmates.

What kind of activities are on offer during the week?

Every Monday we host a welcome party in Newcastle, in a different pub or bar every week. These welcome parties ensure that the new students start to make friends and have the chance to explore their new home- Newcastle! 

Our evening trips are always inclusive, fun and exciting, allowing students to try new things, spend time with their friends and practise their English skills in their free time. We have recently organised dance classes, yoga classes, trips to the Trampoline Park, and tours around Newcastle United Stadium and museums around the city. In the summer months, we host two boat parties that travel from Newcastle to Tynemouth. These boat parties offer breathtaking views of the Tyne, and are usually the absolute highlight of our social calendar!

These organised group activities have been so successful, and some students now have nice friendship groups at the school and organise their own activities sometimes!

What are the full day excursions like?

Recently, on the weekend trips, we have visited York, Alnwick castle, Edinburgh, Liverpool, the Lake District, Bamburgh and Durham. The trips allow the students to venture out of the city of Newcastle and visit more Northern cities and cities in Scotland. These trips are always popular, and we usually have students give us ideas of where they would like to visit next. 

Do we have social media?

Of course we do! You can follow us on instagram at @ih_newcastle and find us on facebook! We are always keeping the students updated using our social media channels. We also post fun photos from our most recent events. Give us a follow and keep up to date. 

What else do we do to help students enjoy their time here?

Our team also are on hand to help the students if they have any queries about how they can take up a new sport or activity here, or how they can continue with their hobby from back home. We are always happy to connect students to local teams, societies, activity groups and organisations. 

We encourage all the students to be as involved as they can both in and out of class! To find out more or to make a request or suggestion for the social programme, please give us a call, drop us an e-mail or come in and see us, we are happy to help! You can also visit the Social Programme page on our website.

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