Please choose your course from the options below and click 'Enrol' to make a booking.

Please note that for all bookings there is an enrolment fee of £50 to cover all administration costs. This will be added to the course fees.

Courses Lessons Fee
General English 10 (GE10) 10/week £190/week Enrol
General English 15 (GE10 + PSP5) 15/week £220/week Enrol
General English 20 (GE20) 20/week £240/week Enrol
General English 25 (GE20 + PSP5) 25/week £260/week Enrol
General English 30 (GE20 + PSP10) 30/week £280/week Enrol
IH Durham Holiday Centre 25/week £795/week Enrol
Business English 15 (BE10 + PSP5) 15/week £220/week Enrol
Business English 25 (BE15 + GE10) 25/week £260/week Enrol
Examination Classes 25 25/week £260/week Enrol
Examination Classes 15 15/week £220/week Enrol
General English plus PSP Aviation 25/week £270/week Enrol
4 week English for Aviation Course 30/week £370/week Enrol
Junior Homestay Programme age 13 25/week £650/week Enrol
Junior Homestay Programme ages 14-17 25/week £620/week Enrol
English plus Internship 15 15/week £200/week Enrol
English plus Internship 25 25/week £250/week Enrol
Academic English 15 (AE10+PSP5) 15/week £220/week Enrol
Academic English 25 (AE15+GE10) 25/week £260/week Enrol
Academic English for IELTS Evening Classes 4/week £40/week Enrol
Spanish Evening Classes 24/term £200/term Enrol
Italian Evening Classes 24/term £200/term Enrol
Mandarin Evening Classes 24/term £200/term Enrol
French Evening Classes 24/term £200/term Enrol
German Evening Classes 24/term £200/term Enrol
Spanish Evening Classes - summer term 16/term £160/term Enrol
Intensive One-to-One Executive English Classes 30/week £1,400/week Enrol

Please note:
- Your timetable of classes for all classes of 20 plus lessons per week, will be: 09.00 -11.00 and 13.00 - 15.00, OR 11.00 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 17.00.
- Classes of 15, 25 and 30 lessons per week will include one or two lessons of PSP per day.
- Academic English Classes require a minimum English level of B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference.
- Business English Classes require a minimum English level of B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference.
- There is an additional £300 fee for internship bookings (£400 for shorter course bookings).
- There is a registration fee of £50 with every booking which includes all learning materials and basic administration costs. This fee also includes the necessary documents for visa administration (if applicable). Tier 4 enrolment (including CAS) is £100.
- The school will be closed on all UK public holidays and from the 23rd December to 27th December 2019 (inclusive). No refund can be given for UK public holidays that occur during your course.


Full list of accommodation available to IHN students


Per week

En-suite studio £160
En-suite in shared apartment £150
Homestay Self-Catering £140
Homestay Half-Board £160
Homestay Full-Board £180
Homestay Half-Board with special diet (e.g. Halal, vegan or Coeliac) £170
Homestay Full-Board with special diet (e.g. Halal, vegan or Coeliac) £190

Please note that accommodation provision usually starts on the Sunday before the course start date and should be booked in full-week blocks. Please contact the school if alternative arrival or departure dates are required.