English plus Internships

Business English courses can be combined with an unpaid work placement/internship in a local company or charity, so that students can further develop their language skills as well as gaining invaluable work experience. (Minimum age 18 years with B2-level English or above.)

These combined options are suitable for students who want to gain work experience in a UK company or charity. The length of study is 4-8+ weeks on a Business English course. If a 4-week English course is booked, the internship fee will be increased and this may only be an option if an internship is found in advance – see below. 

Internships can be from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks.


See English course fees – plus £300 internship placement and supervision fee. (£400 if taking only 4 weeks of English course)

Example 1

8 weeks' Business English (BE15) = 8×£210 = £1680 plus £300 internship fee = £1980

8 weeks intensive (BE15+GE10) = 8 x £250 = £2000 plus £300 internship fee = £2300

Example 2 

4 weeks' Business English (BE15) = 4×£220 = £880 plus £400 internship fee = £1280 

4 weeks intensive (BE15+GE10) = 4 x £260 = £1040 plus £400 internship fee = £1440

Internship placements can be arranged in retail, hospitality and business administration

An internship is ideal for:

  • Students looking for real in-company experience to complement English studies
  • Students and professionals wishing to develop specialised vocabulary
  • Professionals wishing to develop more intercultural awareness in their own area of work

Additional Benefits Include:

Specific Skills and Attributes that will be developed:

Developing personal maturity Communication skills
Improving time management Numerical skills
Developing entrepreneurial skills Report writing
Self presentation skills Critical evaluation/reflective skills
Experience for CV IT skills
Enabling a more informed career choice Information gathering and analysis
Knowledge of the business environment Problem solving

Evaluation during the internship

Students will submit an evaluation/reflection about the internship a. Host companies will also provide feedback at the end of the internship. Formal references are available from host companies on request. 

Entry Requirements

Students must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have an EU passport
  • Have English language proficiency of at least IELTS 5.5. level or above (upper intermediate/B2 standard)
  • Be at university entry standard (i.e. to have completed A-Levels, high school or equivalent)
  • Be motivated, able to use initiative and willing to learn in the workplace

English plus Internships

Course options

English plus Internship 15
Taught lessons:10
Personal study programme:5
Price per week:£200
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English plus Internship 25
Taught lessons:20
Personal study programme:5
Price per week:£250
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