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Why is it important to improve your English language skills? Why learning English will help you.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Read our top ten reasons why learning English or improving your English skills is a great idea!

Why is it important to improve your English language skills? Why will learning English help you?

People may decide to learn English for many different reasons, but whether you learn English so you can travel, study, work or even just to understand your favourite English T.V show, it is a great language to have under your belt!

Studying a foreign language not only improves communication and memory skills, but it can also increase cultural knowledge and can help you to feel more independent when travelling. With English being the most widely spoken language in the world, it is a great choice as a second language!

If you’re thinking about taking an English course, then read our top ten reasons why learning English or improving your English skills is a great idea!

1.  English is spoken by 1.75 Billion people worldwide.

One in every five people can speak or understand the English language, so just think of all the new people you could meet and communicate with if you learned English to a good standard! At IH Newcastle our social programme is a great way to try out your new skills and improve!

2. Improving English language skills could help you to find a job in the U.K. or abroad.

Nowadays, the international business world sees English as an essential skill. In fact, many multinational companies have authorised English as the corporate language. Having good English language skills could strengthen your employment opportunities both in your home country, and in the UK. International House Newcastle offers some particularly interesting courses, such as the Business English course!

3. English is quite easy to learn.

English is based on a simple alphabet, so compared with other languages it is quite easy to learn! Generally, students feel that they can make progress quickly. Plus, it is easy to practise or improve your listening skills by watching some English T.V. shows or films.

4. No more subtitles!

English is the official language of the media industry, so you won’t have to rely on subtitles or a translator app anymore! Watching T.V shows and films, and listening to the radio is a great way to improve your comprehension skills and increase your cultural knowledge. A great idea is also to practise speaking about your new favourite shows with classmates in your English lessons!

5. Easy to Travel

English is the official language of 53 countries worldwide, which means that you can travel with ease! Also, English is also the main language for international communication, which means that wherever you go travelling, it is likely that your English could help you travel more easily. For example; menus, aeroplane announcements, public transport information, emergency information and street signs are often translated into English, so you will feel more independent and confident!

6. Study abroad opportunities.

Since English is spoken by so many people in many different countries, improving your standard of English could provide opportunities to study abroad and access University courses. International House Newcastle offers academic English courses, which are perfect if you are interested in studying at a U.K. University!

7. English is one of the top languages of the internet!

Nowadays, the Internet is a part of our daily lives. Understanding English can open up more online articles, websites and even E-Mail. E-Mail is a great way to stay in touch with the new friends you will make at IH Newcastle, and maybe you can make some English friends here to stay in touch with using E-Mail!

8. It can make you smarter!

Speaking English or any second language has been shown to improve memory skills, communication skills and boosts your brain power!

9. You can learn more than just the language!

Many Magazines, newspapers, books and novels are printed in English. This means that by understanding English, you are unlocking the door to a whole world of new information and knowledge!

10.   Learning English is FUN!

New friends, new places, new cultures and new information! By learning English, you have the opportunity to grow as a person and expand your horizons. You will feel so proud of your progress and your abilities as you grow your confidence and proficiency in the English language.

If these top ten reasons have convinced you that English is a great choice for a second language, please contact us to discuss our English courses! At IH Newcastle, our English classes are comprehensive and engaging, so we would be glad to join you on your exciting English journey! Our school is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, which is a vibrant student city in the North East of England. Newcastle has vibrant nightlife and dining, inspiring heritage, fantastic shopping centres and beautiful architecture, which makes it the perfect location for you to learn English!

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I enrolled in a Spoken English Institute, and it was a game-changer for me. The personalized feedback and interactive classes helped me gain confidence in speaking English fluently. v

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