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By ex-Delta trainees

Delta at IH Newcastle: my experience

I was under no illusions that the DELTA course would be hard work (of which never experienced before, as some scaremongers had put it), but it's all worth it.

There were roughly around 10 of us on the course and combined with the highly supportive tutors, there was a real community feel. Everybody was in it together!

Generally, the days were structured with input sessions in the mornings and teaching practice in the afternoons. The sessions were highly informative and for somebody who has a low attention span like me, they were highly interactive so thankfully, there was little to no opportunity to switch off.

Teaching practice was a pleasure, we were teaching volunteer students who I can say were some of the nicest I've ever taught. This combined with peer collaboration meant that it was more than just gaining a certificate, it had real, practical value and I use a lot of experiences and techniques learnt in my teaching now.

Yes- there was a lot of work in terms of assignments (and it did get stressful at times), but the tutors were there to help every step of the way. I was in no doubts that they were prepared to go the extra mile to get the candidates through the course.

I have made some contacts that I'm sure will stay with me throughout my teaching career.

I went into it hoping to take the next step forward in my teaching career and can honestly say IH Newcastle was a great choice and helped facilitate this.

I would highly recommend IH Newcastle to anybody considering the intensive DELTA course.

By Mike Hodges


Doing the 8-week Delta at IH Newcastle

In October 2018, I took the eight-week DELTA course at IH Newcastle. Initially I’d chosen IH Newcastle as I’m from the area; however, the scrupulousness of the application and interview processes convinced me I’d made a good decision. The school definitely does not operate a “get bums on seats” policy and genuinely want to make sure you have sufficient dedication, prior knowledge and mental strength to take on this challenge.

The course is indeed a challenge and I found it to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Module 2, which was seven intensive weeks of teaching, studying, planning and essay writing, started with a diagnostic class where my current teaching practices were put under the microscope. At this point, the best I could envisage was scraping a pass but after a few weeks of superb insight and constructive criticism from the three tutors I was able to set my sights higher. By the end of the process I was often leaving the classroom with a spring in my step, feeling like a more principled, knowledgeable and effective teacher by the day.

I can’t commend the tutors at IH Newcastle enough for their input during this course. I got so much out of the input sessions and I was impressed by the quick turnaround for receiving feedback and how it was delivered. Rachel, Jane and Beth really do go the extra mile!

The course also provides 5 days of input for Module 3 and 4 days of input for Module 1. I really appreciated the input for both and the fact that IH Newcastle allow you to use their classes to carry out the necessary research for Module 3 is really helpful. The Module 1 exam definitely requires some strategizing and I think it would have been difficult to pass it without the input provided (studying for Module 2 a t the same time definitely helps, too!).

Completing the DELTA in 8 weeks is not easy, but I really feel like the team at IH Newcastle do an admirable job of setting their trainees up for success!

Paul Frame


Delta Module 2 at International House Newcastle

I came onto the intensive Delta Module 2 with expectations of hard work. This was a given, but I also learned a lot of useful things that will make me a better teacher in the future. Rather than simply get us to pass the final external observation, tutors were demanding and genuinely wanted us to progress, both in terms of planning and execution of classes.

While the pace was sometimes relentless, the course was structured in an effective way, meaning everything we did led into the next thing, gradually building our skills. Tutors were available for support constantly and frequently checked on how we were doing.

Another aspect of the intensive course I enjoyed was the feeling of being in it together with the other candidates. As time went on we supported each other more and were able to share our experience, and it was comforting that other people on the course knew what you were going through. I would definitely recommend doing this course, and if you can spare the time, do it intensively. This way you get into the ‘Delta rhythm’, absorb lots of information quickly, empty it onto your computer screen and do things far more efficiently than if you were to do a part-time course. All in all, despite the long hours spent in front of my computer, I enjoyed the course and felt that I got out what I put in. The key is to work hard and keep up with deadlines, but also to find time to relax so as to clear your mind and not get bogged down. But most important is to listen to the advice the tutors give you. Yes, you may be an experienced teacher, but they know what you have to do to pass the exam and being open to new ideas will definitely improve you.

Feel free to link in to the longer piece I wrote for EFL magazine ;-)

Paul Finnerty

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