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Welcome to the IH Newcastle Blog

Hi everyone, and welcome to our new blog!

On this page you’ll be able to find regular articles and photos from students, teachers and guests about every aspect of life at IH and beyond, including lessons, language, leisure, social activities and lots, lots more. Over the coming days you’ll be hearing from Poppy and her brilliant B1 class about their amazing new recipe book, from Tony about our inspiring teacher training courses, and Katia, the winner of the first IH Newcastle Journal of the Month competition. So, if you’re a student (past or present) and would like to write a blog article about the school, a lesson you’ve done, an excursion you’ve been on, or even about your life, career or the wider world, then speak to your teacher (or email and just tell us what you’d like to do. We hope to hear from you soon and that you enjoy reading!

Team International House Newcastle - NE14Languages

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