Personal Study Programme

Designed to meet students’ personal study needs without the expense of one-to-one tuition, PSP offers access to an excellent range of resources, guidance, and expertise.

Students develop independent learning skills and reach personal goals more quickly. (Minimum age 16 years.)

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Personal Study Programme

PSP can be combined with General English and is also a key part of the Academic, Exam Preparation and Business English courses. It is a great way for  students to improve  on areas they find difficult as well as spend more time on  the skills and vocabulary of their choice. Teachers advise and monitor students and the standard ratio is 1 teacher to 8 students (note: it is not a 1:1 class).

In PSP students have the opportunity to…

  • focus on the skills and language areas they need
  • access an excellent range of computer and text-based materials
  • work at their own pace, with teachers on hand to answer questions
  • receive additional personalised writing and speaking feedback
  • interact with a greater number of students and teachers
  • receive a 20 minutes of one-to-one or small group speaking practice with a teacher
  • practise English through guided research into their own areas of interest
  • record and reflect on their learning experience

 PSP is...

PSP is not.... 

 Managed and guided learning  Self-access
 Needs-based for each individual  Group lock-step teaching
 Highly flexible to each student’s needs and style  Teacher dominated
 Students working together in small groups with teachers  An isolated hour when students are on their own
 Varied, covering all skills: grammar, vocabulary, etc.    Only computer-based
  A unique opportunity to receive up to 20 minutes of 1:1 with a teacher  1:1 every hour, every day - the ratio is usually 1:6
 A record and reflection of work done  Disorganised study
 Time with specialised trained teachers  Staffed by inexperienced teachers
 English for Specific Purposes  A Closed Group Course


Student Experience:

“The Personal Study Programme complemented my regular classes because I could work on what I wanted with help from the teachers and I achieved a lot. I used to hate grammar, but the computer software in PSP, such as NET Languages, made it easier to practise. I’ve been able to improve my vocabulary and do some IELTS exam preparation too. Every week I loved talking one-to-one with a teacher for half an hour because I could improve my fluency and pronunciation skills (I want to sound more British!) and the teachers gave me tips too.

You write a daily journal and it is a good way to keep track of your progress in PSP. The teachers also write back with suggestions, they were very attentive in my journal. Everyone can find something to do in PSP at all levels and achieve a lot!”  Diéssica Sales (February 2016)


Each lesson (teaching hour) is 55 minutes long, so there are scheduled break periods that take this into account.

PSP is led by highly experienced and trained teachers who.....

  • respond to individual learning styles and needs
  • closely monitor progress through daily face-to-face ‘check-ins’ and an electronic record of work*
  • assess and direct students to the most useful resources
  • help students manage their learning
  • encourage and aid independent learning
  • advise students on how to progress further
  • deliver a 20 minute 1:1 tutorial or speaking practice every week

*Sponsors are able to request an electronic copy of a PSP work record at any time during the course

Resources include:

  • Netlanguages
  • IH Campus
  • Harvard Managementor®
  • Materials developed in-house to focus on specific areas of: vocabulary, speaking, grammar, writing, reading, listening, exam technique, etc.
  • English for Special Purposes (ESP) materials (upon request): Aeronautical English, Medical English, Accounting English, English for Fashion Design, English for Law Students, etc.
  • An extensive reading library