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English Courses


General English

Our General English classes are one of the most popular, often called ‘English for Life’. Available at all levels, these can be combined with other course options.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Our Academic English classes help students prepare for the IELTS examination. You can join these classes throughout the year. Are you ready to pass IELTS?


Cambridge Exam Preparation

IH Newcastle is an authorised centre for Cambridge Assessment English. We offer courses for each level and help you improve your English examination skills.

Business English

Our Business English classes are combined with Business PSP. Vital to handling any type of business context successfully! You may need English for finance, or negotiating, perhaps English in the context of human resources or production. These classes will help you improve your business skills more rapidly.


Personal Study Programme (PSP)

Our Personal Study Programme is designed for students to develop independent learning skills and reach personal goals more quickly. Check our tailored courses here!

Intensive English 1:1

We offer the opportunity for everyone to develop their English skills at their own pace. Our intensive One to One English classes will focus on your main needs. Perhaps you need English for professional purposes or to improve your writing skills, these classes cover exactly what you need.


Aviation English

Our ELPAC Aviation English accredited classes consolidate general English skills with a particular focus on improving listening and speaking ability. Find out more!

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