Edinburgh, York, the Lake District and Durham. Liverpool and Manchester, there are so many wonderful places we can take you to while you study at International House Newcastle

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Excursions with International House

Castles, cathedrals, history and culture every weekend! Cost £20 - £30 per trip

Durham Castle and cathedral


Durham is just a few miles from Newcastle and a journey by train takes less than 15 minutes. Some scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot here in the ‘favourite building in Britain’ - Durham Cathedral.

  • World Heritage Site of stunning cathedral and castle
  • Home to one of the oldest universities in England 


Spend the day in one of the jewels of northern England, York, where you'll find old city walls, a wonderful historic centre and the famous cathedral, York Minster. York used to be the capital of England. It’s beautiful and more than worth a visit. 

  • World famous York Minster
  • Wonderful old streets known as the ‘Shambles’
  • Principal Viking Museum in England

Alnwick Castle

The ancient castles of Northumbria

Take a step back in time and visit two of England’s most famous castles. Bamburgh Castle has been described as England’s finest castle and stands in a stunning location on the coast. Fans of Harry Potter will see a familiar sight at Alnwick Castle, used as “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” in the films. Don’t forget your quidditch kit!

  • More castles than any other English county
  • Home of the English language
  • Birthplace of Christianity in England

Hadrian's Wall & the Lake District

Excursion to Housesteads and Vindolanda to see the amazing views around the ancient wall, visiting the site museums to learn just what life was like in Roman times.Also visit one of the scenic gems of the British Isles, the Lake District. Here we’ll go to Grasmere, a gorgeous village where you can see the home of the great poet Wordsworth, take a walk to get amazing views of the mountains and lakes, hire a rowing boat, or just go to a country pub. We’ll also take in a drive around some of the lakes on our coach.

  • Inspiration for some of England’s finest literature
  • Breathtaking natural scenery 
  • Longest monument in Europe
  • World Heritage Site
  • Northern Boundary of the Roman Empire
Hadrian's Wall

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and the capital of Scotland. This is a great opportunity to visit the historic castle, drink whisky, eat haggis and see men in skirts (kilts)! When the famous Edinburgh festival is running, expect to see an explosion of culture throughout the city. 

  • Historic ancient capital of Scotland
  • Magnificent castle
  • Great bars and restaurants 

The Northumbrian Coast

A journey along the coastal route of Northumbria will take in some of the most stunning beaches and towering castles in the world! The beaches are usually uncrowded and make for an invigorating walk.

  • Wonderful isolated beaches
  • Many with ancient ruins and castles