Online Personal Methodology Programme

Online Personal Methodology Programme

Our Online Personalised Methodology Programme is an excellent way to improve your teaching techniques the International House way.

Erasmus+ funding is available (PIC number: 942566461). (Minimum age 20 years.)

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Personal Methodology Programme for Teachers of English and CLIL

This online tailor-made course is suitable for native and non-native speakers of English.

Online Personal Methodology Programme is designed for:

  • Current English language teachers (with any level of experience and from any teaching context) looking to reflect on, refresh and update their understanding of ELT methodology and practice.
  • Those who are interested in becoming a teacher of English who would like an opportunity to be introduced to key teaching principles and observe experienced teachers online.
  • Those who currently teach a subject other than English but would like to know how to incorporate the teaching of English into their lessons.
  • Those who are looking to combine a focus on teaching methodology with the chance to develop their own English language skills.
  • This highly personalised programme included personalised online reflective sessions with International House teacher trainers. These sessions focus on the aspects of teaching methodology and practice that are most relevant to your teaching needs.

PMP Course Structure:

  • 10 lessons each week participating in group English language classes via Zoom. These classes will enable you to experience first-hand the communicative approach delivered in an online environment.
  • 3 lessons of teaching methodology based on your specific needs and interests via Zoom with a teacher trainer.
  • 2 lessons a week observing International House teachers in a class delivered live by Zoom.
  • 10 lessons working asynchronously with Net Languages Teaching Methodology Course. This course is designed for primary and secondary or adult teachers .It will help you learn how to teach English or refresh your knowledge of current methodology.


  • Improved confidence in your own communicative English language skills.
  • Increased awareness of teaching practices and methodology especially teaching online
  • Progress with your own personalised teaching goals.
  • Increased cultural awareness.


£250 per week.

Entry Requirements:

Applicants should be at least 20 years old and have a minimum of B1+ level English to benefit from this programme.
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Online Personal Methodology Programme

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Price per week:£250
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