Information for Homestay Providers

Welcoming an international student into your home is one of the great experiences that you and your family could have! International House Newcastle has been arranging the hosting of our international students for many years, and we are proud that they have enjoyed a richly rewarding and positive experience in the United Kingdom.

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Welcoming students to your home

Providing a home away from home for an international student can also be most rewarding for the host; not only financially, but also in terms of the rich cultural experiences and the strong personal bonds that can be created.

A mutual understanding between the host family and the student is essential. It’s really important to have sufficient knowledge about what is expected from each party, so this handbook has been devised for your guidance. We hope this information will help toward establishing a good relationship between you and your students.

2019-20 Handbook for Homestay Hosts

2019-20 Younger Learner Handbook for Homestay Hosts

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