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NE14Languages - IH Durham

Welcome to NE14Languages - IH Durham Young Learner Centre at Durham School. One of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK opens its doors to our international students in Easter and Summer 2019!

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NE14Languages - IH Durham

Durham School is one of the oldest and most highly rated boarding schools in the UK. Now International House has formed a partnership to bring Summer and Easter language and activity courses to an amazing picturesque city

The whole of the centre of Durham is designated a conservation area. In addition to the Cathedral and Castle, Durham contains over 630 listed buildings 569 of which are located within the city centre conservation area.

Durham School is an English independent boarding school. Founded by the Bishop of Durham, Thomas Langley, in 1414, it received royal foundation by King Henry VIII in 1541 following the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the Protestant Reformation. It is the city's oldest institution of learning.


The fees of £795 per week include everything except flights, transfers and souvenir shopping.


  • Full board breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in the school’s large dining room ('The Main Hall') where students serve themselves from a buffet with a variety of hot and cold dishes.
  • Three meals are served each day including plenty of salads, fruit and juices.
  • Access to all sports facilities, swimming pool (by arrangement) and theatre.
  • All excursions (including any entrance fees) and other activities
  • All classes and academic materials
  • Separate accommodation for boys and girls

The grounds of Durham School are secure and private providing students with a relaxing and safe environment. The classrooms are modern and well-equipped with computer access and projection facilities.

NE14Languages / IH Durham HC – Emergency phone number is ****pending********* (this number will become active 24 hours before the course start date).  Also on WhatsApp.

NE14Languages / IH Durham HC offers courses for younger learner students only (10 – 17 years). All teachers, staff and service providers involved with children have valid police/ security checks and are committed to working in line with the IH Under-18s Safeguarding policy and Code of Conduct.

All students are met at the airport and sent back to the airport only by chauffeur service drivers with valid police/security checks, who are committed to working in line with the IH Under-18s Safeguarding policy and Code of Conduct.

All students are supervised by IH staff in class, during the break-times in school common areas, as well as during the educational activities outside the classroom, mealtimes and social programme excursions.

Students are allowed some unsupervised break time daily, but this is only scheduled when all are within the school’s secure grounds.

Class sizes – maximum 15 students.

Staff to student ratio for trips, activities and excursions – at least 1:15.

All meals are provided on-site or packed lunches provided on excursion days.

Nights away or partial service bookings are not permitted.

Students are placed in single-sex shared dormitories, with easy access to wash and shower facilities.  Curfew time is 10pm.

24-hour staff are on-site (on duty in the same wing  as the dormitories) to be able to respond to any situations.

Laundry service is included.

Trained staff are on hand to deal with any first-aid or medical emergencies that may arise.

Students can call the IH Durham HC emergency number at any time during the time the course is running.

If a student is more than 10 minutes late for any class or activity, a procedure will begin to locate them.  It is important that the school is updated immediately with any information that will affect attendance.

If a student repeatedly disregards the rules that have been put into place for everyone’s safety and well-being, the school reserves the right to exclude the student from further school activities without any refund. All young learners are expected to abide by the UK laws affecting minors (those under 18 years old), even though these may be different from those in their home country. 

 View of Durham Cathedral from Durham School Grounds

Students can be taken on walks to Durham Cathedral through the park and across the river in just 10 minutes.

Durham Cathedral main Tower is 66 metres tall!

Durham Cathedral and Castle was UNESCOs third world Heritage Site, after The Taj Mahal and The Palace of Versailles!

Durham Cathedral featured in the first two Harry Potter movies

Durham is the smallest city in the UK.

Durham Cathedral from Durham School Grounds

International House Durham Holiday Centre at Durham School


The School has over 600 years of history.

The School is located in one of the quietest areas in one of the safest cities in the UK!

Durham School offers a very traditional Boarding School experience!


The Main Hall


There are seats for 160 students

Live the Harry Potter experience in this wonderful historical dining hall!

Durham School offers a nutritious and varied diet.

Students can also make quick snacks and drinks in their accommodation kitchens.


Durham School Main Hall

Student Bedrooms


All bedrooms have 2, 3 or 5 beds 

Most bedrooms have wash handbasins

Communal facilities include:

shower rooms

small kitchens for snacks and drinks

common rooms with TVs

Student Bedroom

 Durham School Grounds and Facilities


These include:

Sports pitches 

All weather pitch

Swimming Pool

Theatre and Lecture Theatre

Private music practice rooms



Durham Schol Grounds