Spanish Classes

International House offers evening classes in Spanish. If you are at work or attending studies during the day, you can now improve your language skills in the evening. (Minimum age 16 years.)

Spanish Application Form

Course Dates:

  • 10 January- 1 April 2022
  • 4 April -19 August 2022 (8 weeks summer term)
  • 5 September - 25 November 2022


Monday 6-8 pm Beginners A1

Tuesday 6-8pm Elementary A2/ Pre Intermediate A2+

Wednesday 6-8pm Intermediate B1 /Upper intermediate B2


Classes are delivered face to face with a qualified Spanish speaking teacher

Students may progress to a higher level within the term


Beginners- This level is suitable for those who have no knowledge or previous experience in the language.

Elementary- This level is ideal if you understand the basics of the language.

Intermediate- This level is if you already understand a wide range of everyday vocabulary and you can communicate in everyday and simple situations.

Upper Intermediate- This level is for students who can communicate ideas in most everyday situations and discuss common topics using a variety of tenses and expressions. communicating quite fluently with a wide range of vocabulary.


For further information or help with assessing your level, please email or call us on (0191)2329551