Teaching Young Learners and Teens Methods and Skills Course

Teaching Younger Learners and Teens TYLT: Methods and Skills course

This intensive teacher training course provides you with the skills, resources and methodology for teaching young learners (YLs) and teenagers. (Minimum age 18 years.)

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This one week programme leads to the Cambridge TKT YL qualification.

Fees including Cambridge TKT examination - £350

Available start dates:

7th December 2020


This course leads to the TKT examination in teaching younger learners

Please download the application form above and return with a current CV to tt@ihnewcastle.com 

Teaching Younger Learners and Teens (TYLT)

This one week course is suitable for native and non-native speakers of English with a B1 or higher level of English.

It is designed for:

  • Current English language teachers looking to reflect on, refresh and update their teaching practice in this area.
  • Those who are interested in becoming a teacher of English who would like an opportunity to be introduced to key teaching principles and classroom activities.
  • Recently qualified teachers looking to develop their skills and knowledge of how to teach young learners and teens.
  • Those interested in taking our ‘Teach in China’ course who would like to further expand their knowledge of teaching prior to commencing their teaching career.

The course aims to provide you with the skills, resources and methodology for teaching young learners and /or teenagers. Sessions are presented by way of ‘loop input’, demonstrating ideas and activities that can be taken straight into a classroom and covering content that will provide you with sustainable teaching skills. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance, and a written report issued by International House Newcastle, as well as the opportunity to take the Cambridge TKT in Teaching Younger Learners at no extra cost.

Each day there are 2 sessions of 110 minutes each as well as an hour of consolidation project work in our Personal Study Programme (PSP) room. This project work can be completed in the format of your choice and focus on your particular needs and interest, but most importantly it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the sessions and analyse how you could use the activities in your own teaching situation.

Course topics include:

  • Children’s characteristics as language learners
  • Developing children’s learning strategies through language learning
  • Developing children’s cognitive strategies through language learning
  • Developing children’s communication strategies through language learning
  • Planning and preparing lessons for young learners
  • Providing support and challenge when selecting and using course books and supplementary materials.
  • Selecting and adapting additional resources
  • Scaffolding children’s understanding of language and use of language
  • Scaffolding through teaching strategies
  • Using practice activities to consolidate children’s language learning
  • Managing young learners in class
  • Purposes of assessing learning
  • Focuses of assessing learning
  • Acting on assessment evidence


  • Increased awareness of the key principles underpinning the teaching of young learners and teens.
  • Increased awareness of the current trends in younger learner teaching.
  • A greater repertoire of activities to integrate into your teaching context.
  • Increased cultural awareness.
  • The opportunity to take the Cambridge TKT Module in Teaching Younger Learners.

For more information please contact tt@ihnewcastle.com