CLIL Teaching Methodology Courses

Many more children and teenagers are now learning different subjects using English (CLIL). This course will train teachers in the methodology of CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning. (Min. age 18 yrs.) TKT in CLIL available. Erasmus+ funding available - Participant Identification Code (PIC ): 942566461

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Content and Language Integrated Learning - 

Available online in Summer 2020


 These courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding 

Participant Identification Code (PIC ): 942566461


All 2 week courses will include the TKT examination fee

2020 Course Dates

Starting on 6th July, 20th July, 3rd August and 17th August - Fees £350 per week

2020 TKT Exam Dates 

17th July, 31st July , 14th August, 28th August 


  • Available for 1 or 2 week courses

  • Outside of these dates you may wish to consider our Personal Methodology Course with input on CLIL.

  • The Cambridge TKT in CLIL is arranged for 2 week bookings started on the published dates above.  Please note that 1 week programmes will not include the TKT exam.  Please contact us for further details:

  • This course is also available on demand (any Monday start date) for group bookings with a minimum of 8 trainees.

  • Download an application form

Fees £350 per week plus registration fee of £50


CLIL Methodology Course

This course is suitable for teaching professionals with a B1+ or higher level of English.

It is designed for: -

  • Teachers and classroom assistants who teach subjects through English (i.e. History, Geography etc.) to primary or secondary students. -
  • Teachers who currently teach a subject other than English in their native language but who are interested in integrating English into their lessons.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers who work with non-native speaker teachers in mainstream classes.
  • Teaching professionals interested in exploring the key principles of CLIL.

The course aims to train teachers in the methodology of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). It combines a focus on developing an understanding of the key principles and terminology of CLIL with an emphasis on exploring practical ideas to help better integrate the teaching of language and content in the classroom. The group input sessions follow a loop input structure so course participants can experience a wide sample of activities that they can take with them to their own teaching context.

The two and four week courses also include the opportunity to take the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) CLIL module.

The course dates and exam dates are fixed.

Course topics include:

  • Aims and Rationale of CLIL
  • Language Demands of Subject, Content and Task
  • Classroom Language
  • Communication Skills across the Curriculum
  • Resources and Visuals
  • Scaffolding Content and Language Learning Activities
  • Types of Assessment and Assessment Support Strategies
  • Learning Strategies


  • Improved command of your English for classroom management
  • Increased awareness of the current trends in CLIL
  • A greater repertoire of activities to integrate English into your teaching context
  • Increased cultural awareness
  • An opportunity to take the Cambridge TKT Module in CLIL.

CLIL Teaching Methodology Courses

Course options

CLIL Teacher Training Methodology Course Summer
Duration of course:2 weeks
Fees per Week: £350
06/07/2020: Available
20/07/2020: Available
03/08/2020: Available
17/08/2020: Available
CLIL Teacher Training Methodology Course Summer
Duration of course:1 weeks
Fees per Week: £350
06/07/2020: Available
20/07/2020: Available
03/08/2020: Available
17/08/2020: Available