English for Aviation

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requires that aviation industry personnel attain a standard of English at ICAO level 4 or above. These ELPAC Aviation English accredited classes will consolidate general English skills with a particular focus on improving listening and speaking ability in English in aviation industry contexts. (Minimum age 16 years.)

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Aviation English for Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Aeronautical Station Operators

English for Aviation Workers

The ICAO Council has stated that pilots, air traffic controllers and aeronautical station operators involved in international operations should attain the ability to speak and understand Aviation English to a level 4 proficiency of ICAO’s language proficiency Rating Scale.

The People

Alan Wrigley (FRAeS)

An experienced and skilled former airline captain holding instructor and examiner qualifications at all levels. A UK Civil Aviation Authority Senior Examiner with experience as Chief Flight Instructor and Head of Training in both modular and integrated schools. An airline flight safety officer and flight school quality manager. Alan is a Fellow of the The Royal Aeronautical Society.


Jeremy Rodgers

Jeremy is the lead aviation instructor at International House Newcastle; he has been with the organisation since 2014, soon after completing his DELTA. He is a certified ELPAC examiner and has extensive experience in the industry, which includes exam preparation, Jeremy Rodgers business tuition and teacher training. 


Since 2011, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has required all air traffic controllers (ATCs) and pilots operating in international airspace and routes to have a minimum level of English. These language proficiency requirements (LPRs) are measured against the ICAO Language Proficiency Standards: Level 1 – Level 6. The minimum LPR is ICAO Level 4.


The course is split between plain English and ICAO phraseology. The plain English is delivered in our General English classes: International House Newcastle uses a communicative methodology so students learn to use English effectively, especially in the vital skills of speaking and listening. In addition to the General English classes, students have at least 1 lesson each day with an Aviation English teacher: the focus of this course is on speaking and listening skills, especially in use of ‘plain English’ in an aviation context, and ICAO phraseology. The content of the course reflects the requirements of the ICAO LPRs.

Course Types and Content

1. 4 week Group Courses

These full time 25 lessons per week courses are for candidates who have a moderate level of aviation English (B1 CEFR) in which the first three weeks are spent improving general English whilst the final week is focused completely on aviation English. -

Fees £370 per week  Classes are: 10 hours General English per week 10 hours Aviation English 5 hours Personal Study Programme


2. One-to-One Refresher Courses

These classes consist of up to five hours per day of classroom work and supported self-study over whatever period of time is required by the client; usually approximately one week. Such an arrangement would suit those wishing to renew or upgrade their existing ELP certificates.

• Fees (£60 per hour) 15 - 25 hours per week on demand

3. Five-day, full-time Aviation Course

These courses consisting of 25 hours of tuition and study can be provided for students with a good working knowledge of aviation English (B1+ CEFR) who need to achieve their first ELP certificate. Typical candidates might be new applicants for a European licence who already hold aviation qualifications in another language or from another region of the world.


4. 3 month general English Course

These courses are for clients with a low standard of English, before working on aviation English.

Fees £250 per week Start Dates: Any Monday

Once the course has been completed, International House can provide the appropriate examination to gain the ICAO certificate. These examinations are taken under the English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (ELPAC) system administered by Eurocontrol. The examinations are taken at International House Newcastle. Course participants can take the ELPAC ICAO English language proficiency test during their course Fee: 150 GB Pounds

English for Aviation

Course options

General English plus PSP Aviation
Taught lessons:20
Personal study programme:5
Price per week:£260
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5 day Full-Time Aviation Course
Taught lessons:20
Personal study programme:5
Price per week:£370
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English for Aviation Group Course
Taught lessons:25
Personal study programme:5
Price per week:£370
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