C2 Proficiency (CPE) English Exam Preparation

The C2 Proficiency or CPE is the highest Cambridge English qualification. Our preparation courses will help you prove that your English skills are exceptional.

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Course overview

What is this course?

This is an intensive Cambridge Exam preparation course designed to help you to prepare for the Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam. It will give you useful exam tips and strategies as well as the vocabulary, grammar and language skills practice you need to get a good result. 

Is this course for me?

If you need to take an exam to prove your level of English to a university or future employer, then this is the course for you. The Cambridge C2 Proficiency (Cambridge Proficiency Exam) is recognised by over 20,000 organisations in over 130 countries and is an excellent way to demonstrate mastery of the language.    

Alternatively, because the CPE is a General English exam, this course is a good option if you are looking for an intensive English course that will systematically cover key C2 level vocabulary, grammar and language skills.

You need a C2 level of English to take this course.

What is the course structure?

Option 1: Intensive Cambridge Preparation Course – 25 lessons per week

- 10 lessons per week of class-based examination preparation

- 5 lessons per week of  PSP (Personal Study Programme) focusing on practising exam skills

- 10 lessons per week of General English classes to improve accuracy and fluency

Option 2: Standard Cambridge Preparation Course – 15 lessons per week

- 10 lessons per week of class-based examination preparation

- 5 lessons per week of PSP (Personal Study Programme) focusing on practising exam skills

Each lesson is 55 minutes long, so there are scheduled break periods that take this into account.
Our general class size is 12 students maximum (8 students on average).

When can I take the course?

We offer the following course dates for 2019:

25th March – 14th June (12 weeks) Exam on 13th June.+

16th September – 6th December (12 weeks) Exam on 5th December.+

+ These are the dates of the written (reading and use of English, writing and listening) papers. The date of your speaking exam will be confirmed closer to the time, but it will take place during the ten days before the written papers.

Please note: booking an examination course does not book the examination and there is an additional examination fee of £150.

What are the key advantages and outcomes of this course?

- A comprehensive (and intensive) course covering grammar, vocabulary and skills at a C2 level.

- The chance to study and live in a vibrant city in the north of England.

- The opportunity to take the Cambridge C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam at the end of the course, an exam that is recognised by institutions both in the UK and worldwide.

-  A way of proving to the world that you have mastered the English language at the highest possible level.

* The UK Home Office has recently amended its list of examinations that are deemed suitable as proof of English level in connection with visa and other immigration matters - Secure English Language Tests (SELTS). If you are taking examinations in the UK, you can choose from IELTS or Trinity College examinations. International House is an approved centre for preparation courses for Trinity SELT (Secure English Language Tests).