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Business English Classes

English is the main language of international commerce. Business English classes are combined with Business PSP, using Harvard Business School® materials to give task-specific language training, vital to handling any type of business context successfully. (Minimum age 16 years.)

See our Harvard Business English Video here.

Business English with Harvard Managementor

Business English classes provide tuition in:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Functional Language
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation

International House Newcastle uses communicative methodology so students learn to use English effectively, especially in the vital skills of speaking and listening.

Course details:

Students can study 15 lessons of Business English (BE) per week. 

This includes an hour of PSP per day, where students can benefit from using Harvard Business School® materials to practise their language skills in areas such as career management, decision making, goal setting, project and crisis management, and presentation skills. 

Students can combine 15 lessons of BE with:

  • 10 lessons of General English (GE10)
  • an internship placement

Students must be at least Upper Intermediate (B2) to join the Business English classes.

These classes can start any Monday.

Student Experience:
"As part of my Business English programme, I completed two ManageMentor modules through the Harvard Business Publishing software in PSP: Presentation Skills and Marketing Essentials. A module includes 5 or 6 sections that each last about 20 minutes so you can aim to complete two in a PSP hour. I found the programme challenging but in a good way! It was a very useful way of developing what I had learned in class by working independently and because you are assessed, you want to succeed even more to get the certificate." Pascal Mueller - April 2016

The Academic Director and teaching staff:

  • assess each student with a written placement test and an oral interview
  • place each student in the correct level and class to learn English
  • monitor each student by continuous assessment, tutorials and tests
  • offer support and advice to students

Our teachers are well-trained and highly qualified, and have gained teaching and learning experience in different countries, so they understand the needs of language learners.

We have several highly qualified teachers with experience in a business environment.

Lessons and classes

Each lesson (teaching hour) is 55 minutes long, so there are scheduled break periods that take this into account.
Our general class size is 12 students maximum (8 students on average).


All students receive:

  • a weekly work plan devised by their teachers
  • a weekly progress update
  • personal tutorials on a regular basis
  • course materials, including a study pack
  • Free access to Harvard Managementor resources