Why the personal touch is key for trainers

Check out this interview with our Head of Teacher Training, Rachel Halsall.

Teacher Training Courses

uploaded 12/11/2019

At International House Newcastle, we offer a range of teacher training options from bespoke Personal Methodology Programmes to CLIL courses leading to the Cambridge TKT in CLIL. This year alone we have had over 200 CLIL Methodology trainees following combined CLIL and English language courses. The personal touch was applied to these courses as they were adapted to suit the needs of the trainees. We also provide CELTA courses throughout the year and have just introduced a part-time CELTA to cater for candidates who cannot attend the intensive one month course. Delta is also available every autumn. One of our strengths is listening to clients and also to our trainers to provide the best possible service. Our team of trainers is led by Rachel Halsall; in this article, she explains more about how applying the personal touch is the key for trainers.


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