Teacher Training experience in the Netherlands!

Two of our teacher trainers have just come back from delivering a CLIL methodology course in a secondary school in the Netherlands! Find out how they got on below…

By Sally Muse - Teacher Trainer and Academic Management

It’s always a little daunting when you’re asked to step out of your comfort zone and teach in another environment. Adam and I are very much at home when delivering teacher training courses at International House Newcastle. We are lucky enough to have worked with teachers from all over the world, providing courses to suit their specialisms and varying levels of experience. However, last year, following one of these courses, we were invited by a teacher to visit their school in the Netherlands to provide some in-house CLIL training. How could we possibly refuse?

Last week the day finally arrived for us to pack our bags and head off to a secondary school in Roosendaal, a charming city in the Brabant region of the Netherlands. I would be lying if I said we weren’t a little nervous as we walked into the impressive looking school building. Naturally, we were very keen to make a good impression.

As soon as we met the course participants, however, our nerves disappeared. We were teaching three (equally lovely) groups: subject teachers who were new to CLIL, those that had been integrating the teaching of English into their subject classes for several years, and those that had been studying with us in International House Newcastle the year before. Our focus was essentially to work with each group to establish some of the core principles of CLIL (the 4Cs, learner-centredness and scaffolding) as a framework for course and lesson planning. We also looked at some practical ways they could integrate the teaching of language into their lessons and tried out a variety of different activities, exploring how they could be woven into different lessons across the curriculum.  The final day consisted of a scenario-based workshop devoted to finding solutions to the everyday problems that they might encounter as CLIL teachers.

Adam and I would like to thank all the teachers we met from Jan Tinbergen College for their enthusiasm, hard work and warm welcome, which helped to make the experience a really rewarding one for everyone involved. We are now looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate with schools in the Netherlands and beyond in the future!


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