Study tips and staying motivated

Staying motivated when you are studying abroad is sometimes difficult, especially if you have travelled to England from far away. Aside from attendance and participation in class, here are some study tips and a little bit of motivation to help you make the most of your time in England.

By Tara Cox - Marketing - uploaded on 26/09/2019

 1.       Strive for progress, not perfection.


One of the most difficult things to overcome in language learning, is the fear of making mistakes. The best way to make progress in a new language is to simply give it a go. Nobody can be perfect at anything immediately, so try to be kind to yourself and don’t be embarrassed or afraid to get things wrong! You’ll find that confidence is key to progress.

 2.       Study in the evenings.

Some research has shown that studying before you go to sleep can really help the information to absorb and transfer into the long term memory. If completing assignments or studying late in the day doesn’t work for you, try simply reading an English book before you sleep. Reading in English before you go to bed may help you learn some new vocabulary!

 3.       Group study!

Making new friends is really important for you to feel at home and integrated in a new place. However, group study is actually proven to help students learn new material and memorise new vocabulary! This is because reading out loud helps to strengthen the new information as a long-term memory in the brain.

 4.       Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out – Robert Collier.

Studying hard in class isn’t enough if you want to make real progress. Doing something small every day will really help you to build your confidence and improve your skills. Whether that is watching a movie, planning to speak English with your friends for one hour per day, or even writing a daily journal, small efforts will help you succeed!

 5.       Stay organised!

When you start your course, buy a diary, or a journal. This will help you to stay on track with homework, assignments, and the social programme that we have here at IH Newcastle. Being organised will help you to feel more settled in the UK too, as it can help you to feel a little less lost and confused when you first arrive. Use our Hub to stay one step ahead of your classes too. On the 'planner' section, you can see what your teacher has planned for the next lesson, to help you stay one step ahead! Also on the Hub, you can see your schedule and timetable!

 6.       It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Learning English, especially from a beginners level is a real challenge. In fact, learning anything for the first time is a challenge! Try to stay focussed on the end goal, which is to improve your language skills. Once you accomplish that goal, a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you. Whether you want to increase career prospects, get a promotion, study in a UK University or learn English to travel, studying English is going to be worth it!

We know that everyone learns differently, but we hope these little tips and motivational sayings help you really make the most of your time here at IH Newcastle. Make the most of your PSP (Personal Study Programme) and the Social Programme at IH Newcastle. The incredible teaching staff will always find ways to support you if you need it, and the helpful staff here can assist you with any questions you may have. Stay motivated and study hard, but most of all…have fun!