Reasons why studying business English in the UK will benefit you

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By Simon Newby - Business English Teacher - uploaded 23/09/2019

 1. You will have the opportunity to communicate with other business people from all over the world

 In a typical business class at International House Newcastle, you will find students of many nationalities and backgrounds with varying levels of business experience.

 2.  You can practise a variety of skills that mirror real-world business situations

 From negotiating to dealing with clients to cold calling, we go into almost every aspect of business.

3. Functional language

 When doing business internationally, it is important to be aware of different aspects of language, whether it be making polite requests, idiomatic expressions or putting forward ideas.

4. You will get an insight into different cultures, and gain a better understanding of how to do business internationally

 Due to the range of nationalities we have within the class, we regularly discuss traditions and customs, and how they differ from country to country.

 5. Harvard Manager Mentor

When you book a course at International House Newcastle, you gain access to Harvard Manage Mentor, an online platform that allows you to refine and improve your English skills. You will receive a certificate for every module that you complete.

 6.  Presentation skills

 Most weeks, you will give a presentation to your classmates and receive detailed feedback from both the students and the teacher.

 7.  Improving your writing skills

 One of the most important aspects of business is writing emails to clients. You will study formal language as well as colloquial expressions that can be used in a range of scenarios.

 8. Interviewing

We regularly practise job interviews in class, giving you the opportunity to participate as both an interviewer and interviewee. This has helped students go on to find jobs in international companies all over the world. 

 9. Listening tasks

 You will listen to authentic samples from a variety of real-world situations, such as conference calls, sales pitches and market research reports.

 10.  Improve your confidence

 In the classroom, there is always a focus on communication. You will have the opportunity to talk at length about a variety of topics. The more you speak, the more your confidence grows.


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