Keep active!

During this period of self-isolation, there is a lot that you can do.

Here are some suggestions to keep you active mentally and physically.

By Caroline Preston - Academic Director

How to keep active:


1. Watch BBC iPlayer:

Find programmes that interest you. They could be sport, documentaries, cooking, reality shows etc  . If there are subtitles in English – use them to help you see the words you hear.

2. BBC Sounds App

Download the BBC Sounds app onto your phone and listen to podcasts . You can use the search button to find podcasts about your country or anything else that interests you.

3. Keep a diary

Write down your thoughts or what you have done during the day into a notebook. This will help you increase your vocabulary and it is a nice change from looking at a screen!

4. Voice Record

Record yourself on your phone and listen! Read aloud from a book and focus on your pronunciation. Imagine you are reading the news!

 5. Use applications

Download applications on your phone to practise your English. “Words with Friends” is a good one

6. Practice for IELTS

If you are taking IELTS look for writing questions online and do them. You can email your writing and Caroline will correct it for you. Remember to send  the question too!

7. Use Social Media

Keep in touch with your friends and make WhatsApp groups. Try to speak to each other in English!

 8. Aim for 10 new words daily!

Learn 10 new words a day! Put them into sentences and record them.

9. Visit a museum virtually! 

Try this website for virtual museum tours

10. Exercise!

Do some exercise! There are lots of videos on YouTube or try this website

11. Join our online interactive lessons!

Join our online interactive video lessons where you can connect with our teachers from wherever you are! Make new friends from all around the world!