How International House Newcastle adapted to moving online

Read about Sofía's experience of switching to our online courses!

By Sofía Margarita - Student at International House Newcastle

In times of crisis, good companies survive but great companies thrive. Why? Because success is achieved when, from those adverse circumstances which are out of our control, we create our opportunity. It’s well known that COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, disrupting the status quo and affecting people from every corner of the globe. Apart from the human cost of this state of affairs, the pandemic has taken its toll on numerous businesses, pushing them out of their comfort zone to overcome this challenge and to continue delivering their products and/or services.

International House Newcastle is an English language school, located in Newcastle upon Tyne, with over 40 years of teaching excellence and experience. Like many other businesses, IH Newcastle had to make a quick but painstaking decision to confront this unexpected situation and change their business model based on face-to-face teaching only, to online teaching with a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning by using online resources such as NetLanguages® and Zoom®.

Thus, IH Newcastle created its opportunity and adapted to this novel status quo while keeping its values and personal touch by offering regular classes through Zoom® . In these virtual classes teachers and students can connect and interact as if they were in a regular classroom taught by teacher chosen for their teaching expertise and online experience.
This new methodology has helped current students to continue and finish their English courses. However, it also offers a great option for students who were meant to start their courses during these months or for potential students who want to spend their spare time at home in a more productive and worthwhile way. It allows them to study at their own pace and also benefit from the real-time Zoom® classes to practise conversation skills and receive instant feedback from their teacher or classmates , making the whole experience extremely rewarding.

Additionally, all students have a 30-minute 1:1 weekly session with a teacher or the Academic Director where they can focus on a topic of their choice and improve their skills. Along with the Zoom® sessions, students will have access to the NetLanguages® course according to their CEFR level where they can practise many subjects such as reading, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening and pronunciation.

Consequently, IH Newcastle took a chance on this methodology switch to deal with these challenging times, but also to prepare for the future after COVID-19. There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment, nonetheless, IH Newcastle is proud of still providing solutions to its students to meet their language learning needs.
What will the future bring? Hard to tell. But surely IH Newcastle will be there to continue giving students different learning choices and courses to match their learning style and fulfil their language goals as it has been doing since its beginnings. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in these interactive online courses and enjoy the experience of learning English from the comfort of your own home!