English teacher training on Saturdays!

The extensive CELTA at International House Newcastle is a way of fitting your teacher training around your existing work or family commitments. If you want to explore a career change, make a fresh start or gain new qualification, this could be the course for you!

By Rachel Halsall - Head of Teacher Training - uploaded 05/11/2019

The part-time face-to-face CELTA at International House Newcastle is a course that lets you fit your teacher training around your existing work or family commitments.  Unlike the one-month intensive CELTA, you have longer to process ideas, plan your lessons, and complete your assignments. If you want to explore a career change, make a fresh start or gain new qualification, this could be the course for you! Read our FAQ’s to find out more!

1. What are the course dates?

For 2020 the scheduled course is February 15th – June 6th. It takes place over 17 weeks and you will come to International House Newcastle every Saturday during that time, for a full day of input sessions and teaching practice.

2. How much extra time will I need to put in, outside of the Saturday hours?

This depends on how you prefer to work, and how efficient you are. There are 4 assignments to complete through the course (which may also need resubmissions), and also lesson preparation for each teaching practice (materials, full written lesson plan and language analysis sheet). Cambridge say there are at least 50 hours of work outside of the official course hours; in our experience for most trainees it’s more like 100 hours.

3. How many candidates will there be on the course and how many tutors?

The maximum number of candidates is 12, and there will be 2 tutors.

4. How often will I be doing teaching practice?

Probably every other Saturday. Teaching practice is 45 minutes per candidate, per week. You are required to complete 6 hours over the course in total. If the course is full (i.e. 12candidtates) there will be 3 trainees teaching in each group, each week. You will teach at 2 levels – a lower and a higher, switching groups half way through the course.

 5. Can I miss a Saturday? What happens if I do? What about the Bank Holiday weekends during the course time?

100% attendance on the course is expected.  Occasionally, input may be missed for serious illness or serious situations. It is a Cambridge requirement that you complete all of your teaching practice (6 hours in total = 8x45 minute lessons). If you missed a Saturday when you are supposed to be teaching, this would mean that you were unable to fulfil the Cambridge requirements to pass the course. In exceptional circumstances i.e. serious illness or serious issue with a very close family member, we may be able to arrange alternative teaching practice. If there is one particular Saturday that you know you would need to miss in advance, we may be able to timetable it so that you are not scheduled to teach that day.

6. Will I have access to the school and resources etc. outside of the Saturday hours?

Yes. You will have an entry card which gives you access to the school in order to use the library or computers. However, this must be done outside of the school’s class times i.e. only 5.00pm -  7.30pm Monday – Thursday.

7. How much support and contact can I expect from the tutors outside of the Saturday hours?

You will be able to email the tutors with short, reasonable questions outside of the contact hours if necessary. However, the bulk of tutor support will be provided on Saturdays, and additional lesson planning/checking, and/or input should not be expected of the tutors outside of this. The extensive nature of the course does not mean that it exceeds the approx. 120 hours of contact time (i.e. the Saturdays); rather, the extra time is for you to work independently, process information, and fit study around existing work and family commitments.

8. Are the 4 assignments staggered evenly through the course?

They are not evenly spread, as they have to link to particular input sessions and depend on having competed certain stages of the course. However, they are carefully timetabled to make sure you have enough time to complete (and resubmit) each one.

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