Easter Traditions

It's Easter weekend! Have you ever wondered why we eat chocolate eggs at this time?

By Caroline Preston - Academic Director

Easter is a special holiday for Christians but it is also a time when we celebrate the beginning of Spring . For Christians around the world , Easter Sunday commemorates the day Jesus rose from the dead . However , Easter has many other traditions which salute the start of Spring ! You will see the shops full of delicious chocolate eggs which we give as gifts on Easter Sunday . These eggs are said to celebrate the new season .
The rabbit is also a sign of spring and fertility ! That’s why we see the image of the “Easter Bunny” hopping around . Children believe that if they are good the “Easter Bunny” will leave some chocolate eggs for them .

Look in the shops for Hot cross buns ! These are sweet cakes with raisins marked with a sugar cross on the top . It is said that the tradition started in the 12th century as a way to remember Jesus on the cross . However, we can all enjoy a hot cross bun with loads of butter !

As Easter is a national holiday, it’s a time when families usually gather together . We enjoy a big meal on Easter Sunday . Lamb is the traditional choice, as again it is a symbol of spring . Fewer people these days sit down to a large joint of lamb but it’s still a time for families to meet together whether at home or by the beach with fish and chips!

What ever you believe, I’m sure we will all enjoy a long weekend . Let’s hope for some sunshine and plenty of chocolate!
Be good and the “Easter Bunny” may come!