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Doing the Delta course at International House Newcastle

Learn more about the benefits of doing the Delta course at International House Newcastle and find out about our Delta students' experiences

By Rachel Halsall - Head of Teacher Training - updated on 09/08/2019

What is the Delta?

The Cambridge Delta is the ‘Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages’. It’s the highest level of practical English teacher training course.

Delta is equivalent to a Masters’ Level of study and requires understanding of complex theories and approaches. But all aspects of the Delta course in Newcastle have a very practical focus, enabling you help learners study English and become a better teacher.  

There are 3 modules:  a written exam (Module One), input, Teaching Practice and reflection (Module Two), and an extended assignment on course design for an ELT specialism (Module Three). The Delta course in Newcastle teaches each module separately, and you can do any one module or any combination of modules.

Who is Delta for?

The Delta course in Newcastle is a training course for English teachers with at least two years’ experience in a range of contexts and with different class types. You should also have an existing teacher training qualification (ideally CELTA).  You must be confident with the communicative method, and be willing to reflect on and change your existing teaching practices to become more principled in helping students learn English.

Why should I do Delta in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK?

Past candidates on English teacher training courses say that Delta is both the most intense and transformative experience of their lives. To succeed you need the support of tutors and course mates that International House Newcastle can provide.

We have an experienced and highly qualified teacher training department running within a large English language school. You will have access to supportive, knowledgeable tutors and a range of students who study English to observe and work with. You will have exclusive access to a dedicated Delta library too. 

We run an intensive, face-to-face Delta course, meaning that you can just get the whole thing done in less than 3 months. Doing Delta alongside others is invaluable – you are all in it together, can encourage and learn from each other, and work things out together. You will need someone to talk to and let off steam – you can’t do that remotely.

We have a brilliant new accommodation block which is the ideal place to live whilst studying and is just 5 minutes’ walk away (time is precious on Delta).

And when, at the end of the day, you need to let off a bit of steam, what better place to do it than in an amazingly beautiful and characterful city of Newcastle Upon Tyne? We have bars, restaurants and stunning countryside on the doorstep in the North East of England. Find out more about our social programme!

But most vitally, this English teacher training course at International House Newcastle, gives you face-to-face contact with highly knowledgeable, experienced and supportive tutors. We genuinely go out of our way to help you reach your potential. No question is too much trouble, and you won’t have to wait for an email to get a reply. You can’t underestimate the value of being able to ‘talk things through’, on the Delta course in Newcastle – which is exactly what we’re here for.

You can’t do Delta on your own – come and do it with us!

How will the Delta course in Newcastle benefit me?

Delta is the training courses for English teachers that sets gold standard of teaching. It’s the highest possible qualification – extremely sought after and highly regarded around the world.

The key benefit is the increase in employment opportunities. It’s required for all promotions, especially into teacher training and senior academic management positions. It’s often needed to teach generally in the UK, especially to teach academic English and in universities

But more than that – a Delta from International House Newcastle will genuinely change you as a teacher. Rather than just trying to get you a ‘Pass’, your tutors in Newcastle are keen to give you a qualification that genuinely shows how you have progressed as a teacher. We will help you to build better classes for the rest of your career.


What did past Delta candidates think of the Delta course in Newcastle?

  •  Rather than simply get us to pass the final external observation, tutors were demanding and genuinely wanted us to progress, both in terms of planning and execution of classes. [Paul Finnerty]
  • Tutors were available for support constantly and frequently checked on how we were doing. [Paul Finnerty]
  • I would definitely recommend doing this course, and do it intensively. This way you get into the ‘Delta rhythm’ and… do things far more efficiently than if you were to do a part-time course. [Paul Finnerty]
  • The school definitely does not operate a “get bums on seats” policy and genuinely want to make sure you have sufficient dedication, prior knowledge and mental strength to take on this challenge. [Paul Frame]
  • I can’t commend the tutors at IH Newcastle enough for their input during this course. I got so much out of the input sessions and I was impressed by the quick turnaround for receiving feedback and how it was delivered. [Paul Frame]
  • There were roughly around 10 of us on the course and combined with the highly supportive tutors, there was a real community feel. Everybody was in it together! [Mike Hodges]
  • It was more than just gaining a certificate, it had real, practical value and I use a lot of experiences and techniques learnt in my teaching now. [Mike Hodges]
  • Yes- there was a lot of work …, but the tutors were there to help every step of the way. [Mike Hodges]
  • I have made some contacts that I'm sure will stay with me throughout my teaching career. [Mike Hodges]

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