Cultural English programmes at Alnwick Castle

A fantastic opportunity to learn English and live at Alnwick Castle where you will be living with British aristocracy as your neighbours!

Cultural English Programmes at Alnwick Castle

By Tara Cox - Marketing - updated on 19/09/2019

This particular Cultural English Programme that IH Newcastle / NE14Languages offer focuses on General English and cultural activities that are designed to be immersive and engaging. This course includes 25 hours tuition per week, covering 15 hours of communicative classes and 10 lessons of cultural language tours. This immersive experience will give you the chance to really improve English speaking skills and develop your cultural knowledge and understanding of Britain.

 Additionally, you have the rare opportunity to live and study at one of the most famous and prestigious Castles in the UK, which also happens to be one of the Harry Potter filming locations in the UK, so it’s almost as if you’ll be living at Hogwarts!

 Alnwick castle is a castle and country house in Alnwick in the English county of Northumberland. It is a Grade I listed building and as of 2012, it has welcomed over 800,000 visitors per year! The castle was founded in the late 11th century, and has a great deal of fascinating history. The current Duke of Northumberland and his family actually live in the castle, but occupy only a part of it. This means that not only will you be able to experience a Harry Potter lifestyle, you will be living with British aristocracy as your neighbours!

 IH Newcastle’s English language courses for international students also include an exciting social programme! The cultural English programme includes three social activities per week, and two weekend excursions to well-known historical locations in the North of England, such as Edinburgh, Newcastle, Durham, Bamburgh, Chillingham Castle, Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island and Warkworth Castle. This tailor made programme is available for groups of 10 or more adults aged 18 or over.

The North of the UK is a fantastic place to learn English, with the people having a famous reputation for friendliness, and learning in the beautiful setting of the countryside, there really are so many benefits to enrolling on this course. Join us, Alnwick Castle is waiting for you!

 Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this particular course.