Christmas traditions in Brazil and Mexico!

Stories about Christmas traditions around the world by our lovely international staff.

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uploaded on 16th December 2019

Christmas traditions in Brazil

By Deivid Flores - Sales & Customer Services Coordinator


This is a little bit of my Christmas in Brazil and how my family and I celebrate this special date every year. Different from what we see in The UK, when it is cold and snows, in Brazil we have a long summer and temperatures go up to 35/40 degrees!

December and January are also holiday time, so a lot of families go to the coast and celebrate this whilst enjoying their time off. My parents and their siblings prepare a big meal with rice, pork, loads of salads and good dessert – these are the traditional meals. We always dress red clothes (not everything, but one t-shirt or pants at least) because that means love in our culture. We also add a couple peas in our wallets before the meal because we believe that brings wealth and prosperity J We repeat that a few days later, when we celebrate new years’ eve! The meal happens in the evening of the 24th  and we only allow to eat after midnight!

My favourite thing is our Secret Santa, called in Brazil ‘Secret Friend’, when we buy gifts to a secret friend and describe that person after dinner. This is fun because everyone is around and try to guess who your secret friend is! Christmas is a very family time in Brazil and families always get reunited after a long year. The summer nights are also great so we can usually have the meal in the garden and spend long hours talking and laughing together!

 Feliz Natal!


Christmas traditions in Mexico

By Maria Fernanda Morales Salum- Administration


On the night of the 24th of December, on Christmas Eve, we would gather with our family. The nativity would be placed next to the Christmas tree, while we are waiting to be midnight to place Baby Jesus in it, meaning, “Jesus is born”. Then, we would spend a very nice family time with a big dinner. After eating, children would get ready to go to bed, so Santa Claus (an adapted American tradition) or in others home would be “Jesus”, will come at night to leave presents under the tree on Christmas Day.

On New Year’s Eve, we would get together with family and friends and wait until we do the countdown to midnight. When the clock hits 12 AM we will then cheer and eat 12 grapes, which mean 12 wishes for the next 12 months of the new year. Also, in Mexican tradition we have some beliefs that will bring good luck in the New Year. For example: wearing red underwear for Love, sweeping the “bad vibes” from inside to outside of the home off to the streets and my favourite one, going out of your house with luggage and walk around the block to have lots of travel.

From México to Newcastle: Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo.