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Newcastle Tap
The Botanist bar
Red House Pub
Colonel Porters bar

Are you coming to study at International House Newcastle? We’ve selected the best bars in toon!

In this article, you can check out 5 of our favourite bars in Newcastle.

By Deivid Flores - Sales and Customer Services Coordinator

Every Monday we welcome new students to our school, who come from all over the world to study English with us. After a long first day of classes and inductions, we take our students to a pub, where they can chat with other students and start practising their language skills! To make things even better, we select a different pub every Monday, so our students can always visit a different venue near the city centre, where our school is very well located! Here are our students' top 5 favourite bars in Newcastle!

1.  Colonel Porters

It has been hard to select the best of so many great places, but this is definitely the favourite of our students! This venue’s decor is fabulous and provides something that feels like a mix of British history, a summer garden and a rum bar! Our students have special treatment in here and at Welcome Parties we gladly spin a wheel that gives discounts to everyone and guess what: FREE drinks! Can you resist? We can’t - we go along almost every month! If you’re ever in the city centre, go and take a look!

2.  The Botanist

Ok, the number two on our list – and probably the number one for many of our students is definitely this one. Welcome to The Botanist, which looks like a giant tree house! Apart from the impressive decoration with flowers, trees and a botanical garden (check this out upstairs, it defo deserves some attention!) they offer a tasty restaurant menu (special occasions? This is the place to be!) and excellent cocktails. This is a place to impress and be impressed!

3.  The City Tavern

Hmmm.. now onto the top three and let’s talk about one of our very favourite venues! The City Tavern is definitely a place to visit, where you can select food and drinks from an impressive menu. Fancy a traditional British Sunday lunch? This is the place for you. Want a wide variety of beers? Here you go! The atmosphere here is great and our students enjoy sitting together and having endless chats about school, life in their countries and many other topics you will definitely love to join in on too.

 4.  Red House

There are many reasons why we enjoy this special venue! Firstly, you have a real taste of Britishness – from exposed beams and a dark wood interior, to their great selection of tasty pies (on Wednesdays, two pies for the price of one, huh?!). Taking new students here is the secret of a successful party as everyone enjoys a nice pint, good pies and  this pub’s amazing atmosphere!

 5.  Newcastle Tap

This bar is just perfect for beer fans! It offers more than 20 different types of craft beers, along with wine, soft drinks for non-drinkers, and delicious food! The staff are also very friendly and they absolutely love welcoming our students! And if you feel that having some snacks would make your evening with new friends even better, just order a pizza, they are homemade and you won’t be disappointed!

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